Photography Tricks You Can Use To Make Your Photography More Effective

One of my favorite photography tricks is posed shot. This is where you take an image of your subject in a new way that makes it difficult to figure out the distance in the photo. By removing background cues it enables you to have more creative interaction with foreground and distant subjects.

photography trick

One of the most popular photography tricks for recent years has been the social media platforms. Many photographers have created accounts on the various social media platforms in order to showcase their work. One common trick that many photographers use is to upload images to their respective social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc… on events that they are attending or involved in. The problem with this is, often times when people are looking up information about the person who posted the image on the social media platform, they are not able to see the full image. By using the latest technology in digital photography, you can turn your images into mini billboards that people can pass by to admire.

Another common photography trick that many amateur photographers have been copying is the use of leading lines. You will notice when you are photographing someone with their back towards you. Often times their shoulders and upper body are in the line with you but when you are facing them they are right in front of you. This type of photography trick is used more with individuals rather than groups. If you are photographing groups of people, try not to create a straight line from one person’s head to the next. This will be hard to achieve and once you have created the straight line it will be almost impossible to change it in the future.

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