How to Prepare For Your First Mobile Videography Course

Mobile Videomaking is the next big thing! Join the new breed of professionals, film students and filmmakers who are transforming the way we live and work. With the help of their very own smartphones, these cutting edge professionals are capturing everything from award-winning films to home videos – all with the convenience and power of the iPhone. Mobile videography can take you where you want to go with professional videographer assistance. Get in touch with this exciting trend today!


Travel Film School: Mobile videographers are the newest generation of professional videomakers. Thanks to technology that makes accessible recording equipment and editing software, the average videomaker can make his or her dreams into reality with an iPhone and a great video production. Join us to apply your smartphone to your creative projecs, record your travel films, tell your tales and manage your company image! Whether you’re interested in independent production or making a commercial for a major motion picture production company, a travel film school is the answer to your education. A travel film school is not a film program, it’s a real experience for aspiring filmmakers.

The road to becoming a top-notch mobile videographer starts with training and certification from a recognized, accredited travel media house. There are many avenues in which you can get your education, including videography schools, online courses, community colleges and more. But don’t let the competition prevent you from pursuing your passion! Check out our handy list of recommended resources for aspiring videomakers:

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