Creative Photography Tricks With Digital SLR Cameras

For years I have been doing photography tricks with my camera and have perfected some of the most interesting effects that you can get with your camera. A few years ago I was approached by one of my friends that wanted to do some digital SLR photography tricks with his camera. After some encouragement I decided to give it a try. To my surprise not only did I capture some great images but also got some creative ideas on how to do some of the tricks I have been trying to do with my camera for years.

photography trick

For those that are thinking of trying out some digital SLR photography tricks with their cameras, take a moment and realize that most of these can be done without a lightbox or even Photoshop. Most of what is required for these tricks can usually be picked up for very cheap at a hardware or grocery store, such as a magnifier for close up photography. When you’re thinking of adding more creative DSLR photography tricks to your repertoire, take a step backwards. I am not saying that you should never use Photoshop or lightbox but in reality if you are just starting out and don’t know much about photography, I suggest that you stick to things that require little to no technical knowledge.

My favorite photography trick that I have been able to perfect with my camera is called the prism shot. This trick requires that you place your subject between two light sources. Usually the best place for this type of photography trick would be in an indoor studio setting because there will be less light. The trick here is that you have two different exposures that you need to make the transition from one to the other. The first exposure will be wide open and the second exposure will be long enough so that the object is in shadow. I usually use an aperture priority mode, so that I am shooting in a constant and wide range.

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