Photography As a Profession

Many people think that a professional photographer is someone who takes photographs and creates amazing works of art with a camera. But in fact a photographer is much more than that. A photographer makes beautiful images using his or her camera. In fact, the word photographer is derived from the Latin phrase, “filarium.” Photography is the art, profession, and science of making durable photographic images either by film by capture light, by an optical instrument, or by a sensitive material like photographic paper.


Photographers have many areas of specialization including fashion, magazine cover design, weddings, nature and landscape photography, fine art, and electronic imaging. Some photographers may focus on one or two areas. Some of the most popular areas of specialization are wedding photography, portrait photography, fine art photography, and digital imaging. Most photographers will have a portfolio containing images that demonstrate their specific talents.

Many photographers work as freelance photographers or operate their own studio. Some others work as staff photographers for commercial or personal clients. Some photographers offer training and consultation services to other photographers. Many photographers offer resume services and may include a list of sample works in order to help a potential client select the best person for the job.

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