Two Ways to Enhance Your Images With Photography Tricks

One of the many amazing tricks photography professionals are able to pull off is using lighting to enhance special effects. Using lighted pens, special effects can be done with a simple camera flash to create soft images that freeze the action in the foreground. This can be done to freeze a person, a landscape or anything else. The use of this trick photography takes advantage of the fact that light and camera flash are different. While the camera flash usually does the job when a subject is in motion, the light provided by the pen camera creates soft pictures that look almost like a film.

photography trick

Another amazing photography trick is the use of a small prism at the bottom of the camera lens. When the lens is tilted, it is possible to get the same effect as a bigger, more noticeable prism. Most cameras have an internal prism adjustment, but professional photographers tend to use a small external model to get the best out of the light source. Usually, this is done using a hooded filter holder so the light source is on the outside.

Yet another photography trick is to make two objects appear larger than they actually are by making their borders larger. For instance, if a person is standing close to two objects that are about the same size, try zooming in on one of the objects by moving the camera slowly along the edges of the two. As the camera moves along the edges, the camera captures the soft outline of the object and it appears larger because the details are more clearly captured. This technique is also useful when two very similar objects need to be placed next to each other because it makes the image appear closer or further apart.

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