Two Great Tips For Creating Beauty With Your Camera

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Two Great Tips For Creating Beauty With Your Camera

This photographic trick is simple, but the effect is magical. If you want to have a good night sleep and can’t find your way out, just take some photos with your digital camera. You need a lens with a minimum of f/stop of around f/5 so you can focus on a single point. After you have focused on that point, then just take another photo. The depth of field will be much smaller in this second photo than the first one.

These photography tricks are very easy for amateurs to do. In fact, some professionals use this technique as their everyday photography tricks because it’s easy and free. You’ll just need to know how to position your camera and where to stand so that your subject will be in focus. It’s common for amateur photographers to use flash so don’t worry about the intensity of light; just take lots of photos and your subject will have lots of shadows. It’s important not to panic at what you see; just keep shooting.

If you are new to photography tricks, these two methods will help you out. Practice them until you can do them without thinking. Both of these photography tricks can be useful, even though it might not look as professional photography tricks. As you practice, you’ll notice that your pictures get better. These two simple techniques can help you create unique shots every time.

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