Tips on Digital Photography Tricks

When I was in school I loved to perform different photography tricks and one of the most popular ones for kids is when you would take a picture of someone and then turn your back and not get a good look at the person – this is known as the “trickster”. Some of us still perform this photography trick to this day. There are a lot of other photography tricks that people can try as well. If you haven’t tried them before, I recommend you go out and try them so you can add them to your photography repertoire.

photography trick

One of the best photography tricks that a person can do with their smartphone is to use a reflective surface to take the photo. I have seen some great examples on YouTube of people using reflective surfaces such as mirror, table, etc. all to get the perfect shot. Another popular photography trick is using the whiteboard or chalkboard (if you have a chalkboard or a whiteboard house) and taking the photo with the LCD screen reflected off it. The end result is a really cool effect.

Other tricks that I recommend looking into is using a flash; this is my favorite and one of the fastest ways to improve your photography skills. You can get a really cool effect using flash, but of course you can also use regular flash with your camera. One other tip that I want to recommend taking note of, is to try adjusting your focus. Some people don’t realize this, but focusing too much can ruin a great photograph.

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