Some Professional Photographer Tricks

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Some Professional Photographer Tricks

For amateur and professional photographers alike, photography tricks have long fascinated the masses. And for the most part, there is nothing wrong with this fascination. Photography has no shortage of amazing accessories. But sometimes you want to try something a little different with your pictures.

DIY photography tricks are able to add just the right amount of interest into your pictures. Some of these even make interesting visuals for your photographs. Others replace expensive equipment with something easy to accomplish yourself with a little creativity.

One such photography trick that you may have already tried is to bring your pictures closer together. One great way to do this is by using a narrow-angle lens and by focusing on one area at a time. If you use a large lens, it may be necessary to raise your camera so that you’re looking through the viewfinder. By focusing on just one object, you’ll notice that your subject appears much closer to you. You can then move closer, until your subject fills up the view, and you’ve successfully brought your entire scene closer together. with a smartphone, all tricks are essentially just accidents. It’s easy to swipe your finger across the screen to change focus, but what about if you’re in a very tight position? Trying to take a photo from a standing point while leaning forward (which is nearly impossible) requires a lot of trial and error. The best trick photography-wise is to simply use a normal lens when possible and get as close to your target as possible, so that you can concentrate on composing your image rather than experimenting with weird smartphone gestures.

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