Photography is the science, art, and practice of taking photographic images by converting light into an electrical signal, either by physically recording the light through an optical lens, by using an electronic camera sensor, or electronically by using a fluorescent light-sensitive substance like photographic film. Photography is one of the oldest forms of art dating back at least to ancient Egypt. The words “photography” and “image” are both derived from the Greek work “photos” and “camera”.


Modern technology has changed photography dramatically over the years, making it possible to take professional quality images without using a camera or any other technical device. Professional photographers use equipment that allows them to capture images in such a way so that they are composed of a succession of still shots that are taken continuously in a short period of time. The images are usually displayed on a monitor or printed on regular paper. Today, most cameras and digital cameras allow the user to set the type of camera settings required for optimal picture quality; although, there are still photographers who prefer to take their images manually.

Photography is a fascinating area of study for those interested in aesthetics, technical science, history, psychology, art, architecture, and color. Although photography is widely considered to be a modern art form, many photography experts consider photography to be a part of the history of photography since photography first appeared on the scene around the 14th century. Photography has had an enormous impact on the way that people view themselves and on how they view the world around them. This wonderful human endeavor can be used to beautify one’s home or to simply take pictures of landscapes and other beautiful subjects. Almost anyone can be a photographer; therefore, photography is an important part of the contemporary human condition.

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