Photography Tricks – Tips on How to Make Your Shots More Fun

photography trick

Photography Tricks – Tips on How to Make Your Shots More Fun

Photography has no shortage of photographic equipment. However, sometimes you want to add a little bit of fun to your pictures without breaking the bank. Many DIY photography tricks are able to add just the right amount of extra interest to your pictures without spending an arm and a leg.

One photography trick that can be used to make your photos taken even more entertaining is the idea of social distancing. Social distancing is all about creating different backgrounds that will help your photos to stand out from the rest. There are many items in your house that you can place in different positions to give your photos a different feel. Glass shelves, books, and other objects can all be placed in different locations to help you get your photographs taken in a unique way.

Another interesting photography trick is to use a powerful light source to create depth in your shots. By using a bright light source in the background of a scene, it is possible to bring a different feeling to the photograph. One popular technique that can be used in combination with the social distancing idea is to use a black and white photograph as a prism effect. Instead of darkening the background of the shot, the black and white is used as the lens’s color in order to create the depth in the foreground. The resulting effect makes for some pretty impressive photos, especially when the colors are strong enough to stand out against the blue sky.

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