Photography Tricks – 12 Creative Photography Tricks You Can Do On Your Own

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Photography Tricks – 12 Creative Photography Tricks You Can Do On Your Own

Some of the most interesting photographs I have ever taken were done using nothing more than a few photography tricks. These tricks were born out of necessity, like when I needed to take fast pictures of moving objects. I didn’t have a big, expensive camera so I decided to come up with my own little tricks. Some of them really make for interesting visuals. Others replace expensive equipment with something simple to do on your own. Ready to get some more fun with your digital camera, without needing a big budget to start with?

One of my favorite photography tricks is called forced perspective photography. It involves squinting so that your eyes are forced to look up. This makes objects seem larger and also creates an illusion of distance. If you use your own personal camera and the flash settings you prefer, you can do this trick just about anywhere. You can take a series of photos in front of a tree, in front of a building, or at a different angle, and when you take the last one, it will look like the object was actually in front of you, as if it were actually in front of you.

Another cool photography trick that I use a lot is called bokeh. I use it a lot for portraits where there is a line between you and the subject. I’ll pose them a little to make them look busy, and then I’ll run back and snap another shot while they’re in the middle of their busy activity. The subject will appear larger because you’ve multiplied his or her distance. This is a fun and creative technique that photographers everywhere can use.

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