Photography Styles – Types of Photography

Photography is an art, discipline, and science of capturing visually attractive images by exposing light, usually by means of an optical device, either by static film or electrically by means of an electron camera, to allow it to absorb light. Photography has existed for centuries, but in recent years has become much more popular with the invention of the digital camera and other electronic devices that permit users to make and view pictures without having to deal with film and the long process involved in developing a picture. Now, anyone with an interest in photography can make a profit by purchasing a digital camera or some other type of digital camera equipment, which allows them to take their photography hobby to the next level. If you are interested in photography and have not yet taken the plunge into taking pictures commercially, I suggest you first go online and do some research on the subject, and decide whether or not you are interested enough to learn about and purchase a professional type of digital camera.


One of the most popular types of photography is abstract photography, and this is largely due to the fact that there are hundreds upon hundreds of different types of photos that can be created using these different types of equipment. Abstract photography is basically when the photographer places his/her subject matter in a frame and makes the photo reflect the surrounding environment. For example, if one was taking a photograph of a flower in bloom, the color of the flowers would greatly affect the image, as well as the lighting of the area. Abstract photography can be very beautiful, and there have been many famous photographers who have been able to make this their career. However, you can also create your own unique style of abstract photography.

Portrait photography involves taking photos of individuals as they sit, lay down, stand, walk, or perform any number of different activities. Portrait photography has often been used by professional and amateur photographers alike, and has been known to produce striking photographs that catch a subject at a moment in time, enhancing the quality of the photo. There are many different types of portraits, but one of the most popular types is still stillborn, and this involves the photographer positioning his subject so that their eyes are on the lead. These photographs often capture the subjects natural mood and the atmosphere of the room they are photographed in.

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