Photography As an Art

Photography is an art, the process, and science of taking durable images by physically recording light, usually by an optical lens, electronically, or by a sensitive light-sensitive substance like photographic film. Photography also involves the visual arts, including creative thinking, emotion, composition, and technical skill. Photographers are considered artists because their images reveal human interaction in unique, beautiful, inventive, and sometimes shocking ways. The visual art of photography includes everything from still-life photography to fashion photography to portrait photography to video photography. Photography has multiple subgenres, including mat photography, photojournalism, reality photography, and abstract photography.

A good photographer can make a very large impact on the world around them. As the photography professional gains more skills, they will need to acquire more sophisticated and complex equipment and tools to help them capture more complex and striking images. Modern technology continues to advance and produce ever sharper lenses and camera mechanisms, greater flexibility in using film, faster film speed, and interchangeable lenses. These improvements in photography equipment have made it possible for even the most amateur level photographer to produce professional results with a camera and lens that look like a miniature professional camera and have professional quality accessories and body kits.

Today’s top professional level digital cameras and compact digital cameras make it possible for amateurs to take professional-looking photographs of their family and friends. There are literally thousands of photography websites where photographers share their work and offer advice about how to obtain the best photographs. Online forums are another place for amateur photographers to share tips and techniques as well as discussing problems they may be having with their photographs. Photography blogs are another avenue for amateur photographers to advertise and sell their work.

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